Cornice and Square Set

Cornice and Square Set

In the majority of domestic houses cornice is the most popular aesthetic look to join the walls to the ceiling.  Leading Edge Plastering can offer both cornice and square set.  We service North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gympie.


CSR Gyprock cornice is designed to provide an attractive finish at the junction of the wall and ceiling.  It can be used on gyprock plasterboard, fibrous plaster or cement rendered surfaces.

The most common cornice used is 55, 75 and 90mm Cove Cornice.  There are other varieties such as:

Gyprock Symphony – this cornice creates a strong shadowline effect of the tempo with an attractive wave.

The elegance of Gyprock Classic cornice provides a subtle, contrasting line and shadow where the wall and ceiling meet accentuating the feeling of space.

Gyprock Concerto cornice combines smooth curves and sharp lines with a  subtle step’which creates a dramatic shadow where the wall meets the ceiling.

Gyprock Tempo Cornice gives a real ‘edge’with its multiple shadow line effects and creates a crisp, modern feel.

Gyprock Jazz – if a cool, retro mood is what you want in your home, look no further than Jazz Cornice, from CSR Gyprock.  With the distinctive 3 step profile, Gyprock Jazz Cornice features dynamic, symmetrical lines and angles that create an art deco mood with a modern twist.

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Square Set

Square set is the only other alternative finish to where the wall and ceiling joins meet giving a modern square edge look.  Either paper tape or metal internal angle can be used for this finish.

Paper tape is applied with compound, then rolled using a special devise to bond the compound, tape and Gyprock.

Metal internal angle is cut to length and stapled at every 200mm interval, then compound is applied using a 5” blade to the wall and ceiling junction.

Once both have dried and hardened you can apply top coat and sand.

These two options depend on customer budgets and the environment or location of your home.  Call Travis for a free quote on 0418 874 004.