Domestic Fixing Plastering Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Domestic Fixing Plastering Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Looking for a Licensed Fixing Plasterer?  Look no further!!! Servicing North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gympie for over 10 years – Leading Edge provides great service and can manage all types of jobs, big or small

Plasterboard Enhancement

One of Leading Edge Plastering services is fixing plasterboard which is normally used for home aesthetic enhancement and customer satisfaction. It utilizes gyprock plasterboard as an internal lining board which is popular in building services because of its smooth look and strong long lasting benefits to ceilings and walls of the house. Fixing works are normally carried out by having the gyprock plasterboard fixed to the frame in ceiling and walls using stud adhesive, screws and/or nails.

These Fixing Materials will be included in the quote:

  • Ring Shanked Nails or Clouts
  • Screws
  • Stud Adhesive
  • Back Blocking Cement

We use a private delivery contractor to safely handle and transport materials to your job location.

Plastering Improvement

During the fixing process, back blocking is done in the ceilings to help prevent cracking and movement to any fastened gyprock plasterboard in the ceiling. In fixing the gyprock plasterboard to the ceilings or walls, temporary fasteners such as screws and/or nails are partially imbedded in the center of the sheet for a minimum of 24 hours to allow stud adhesive to dry up for maximum fastening strength or holding power.

Australian Standard Plastering

Leading Edge Plastering is proud to inform its customers that all its gyprock plasterboard fixing jobs meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards having accredited with AS/NZS 2589 code of 2007. By this quality standard assurance, it makes the company credible and trustworthy in all its plastering services specifically its fixing jobs. Customers who want to know the cost of fixing services completed by Leading Edge Plastering can call Travis on 0418 874 004 or alternatively can fill in the online form for free quotes and estimates.