When it comes to your plastering needs, Leading Edge Plastering is the business to call.  We can supply all plasterboard and plaster products needed to complete your job.  This includes delivery of all plasterboard wrapped and secured in your extension, renovation or new home.

Plasterboard Supply and Plaster Products

As a plastering business, one of our commitments is to supply plasterboard and plaster products that clients need to complete their job on time.  Among these products we supply are a variety of Gyprock Plasterboards.  The main type of Gyprock used commonly for all walls and ceilings is the 10mm Gyprock.  Being a machine made sheet composed of gypsum core encapsulated in a heavy-duty linerboard, it gives a smooth finished look and long lasting walls and ceilings.

Aquachek or Villaboard Plasterboard

The other type of plasterboard is Aquachek or Villaboard.  Villaboard is mainly used in bathrooms to hold the weight of tiles, taps, mirrors and shower screens due to its fibre cement properties.  Aquachek is used in wet areas such as outdoor ceilings, laundry, kitchen and in some cases the toilet.


Soundcheck can be used in media rooms by helping to prevent outside noise from interfering with acoustic quality.  Adding sound screen installation will give you the ultimate media room experience.

Impactchek, Superchek and Supaceil Plasterboards

The Impactchek and Superchek type of plasterboards are appropriate for stairwells to help manage or prevent damage caused by vibrations or human ascending and descending movements in the stairways. There is also the Supaceil which is regarded as a high density type of plasterboard used to fix ceiling battens that span over 600 mm or for direct fixing to ceiling trusses. Most Gyprock plasterboard product comes in standard thickness from 10mm to 13mm.

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